my life with model trains, by Howard Zane

piermont division

Besides over 450 of some of the finest model railroad photos ever by Geren Mortensen, Howard will discuss many techniques and design philosophies that have enabled him to build this huge layout within a short time span.

Many of these techniques are unique, and should be shared as their simplicity and logic should help many in all levels of this hobby. This is not a how to do book, it is really Howard's life story with model trains.

After being edited down so many times to "almost idiot" status, Zane felt this story had to be finally told in a way as only he can. Political correctness is nowhere to be found in this book and many of the tales will have possibly more color than the scenery of this model railroad.

Besides Howard's story and wonderful photos, the thrust of this book is to encourage all and prove that it can be done to any degree you may desire. "I have never once been intimidated by visiting the many great model railroads.....only inspired!" Model railroading is about limitless imagination. "It is there, just look within." 


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