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Howard Zane's My Life with Model Trains railroad book
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I received your book this morning!  Honestly, I don't think I can express what an amazing job you did with your book (...but I'll try!).  The pictures alone are worth every penny spent on the book and then some.  I was able to read a bit here and there and it's what I expected....witty and informative.  I can't wait to read everything else! 
This book, by far, is one of the best I've ever seen in regard to model railroading.  And I honestly think someone who's not even interested in model railroading would love the book as well.  As you said, it's an art and you have truly created a model railroad masterpiece!
Congratulations on a great book and a great layout!
(P.S....I read the mention of you possibly doing another book on other model railroads as an art form (Sellios, Allen, etc.).  I would love to see that and I'm sure others would as well!!)
John Knapp

It was a joy!  How special to have an Uncle Ike, and to have your first model railroad magazine contain the G&D! Your first wife didn't have a chance.  The great thing is, having met you as well as seeing you on the two Keller videos, I can "hear" you delivering the comments as I read. It makes for a most entertaining time. I thoroughly enjoy the book.

Good for you!  

-Dan Williams


I just received my copy of your book, "My Life with Model Trains". It arrived in perfect condition in spite of the best efforts of the Post Office! Good thing the book is both boxed and bubble wrapped for shipment. The book looks fantastic both in quality and content. I started to glance through, and got absorbed reading the chapter about the trials and tribulations of running a hobby shop."

-Dean Haywood


A DHL package arrived overnight from the Carsten's Corporate Campus. Your book was inside. I began reading it and got to the caption where "old Ike is taking his morning "WHIZ" and realized you had to have published the book yourself. Anyhow, been a fan of your creativity for years and am flattered to be able to review your book. I'll try and be unbiased....huh??............ well maybe a modicum of objectivity...............yeah right, you turned a week of somewhat annoying deadlines into sheer enjoyment.

-Don Spiro


My God, the book is...Magnificent...and that word isn't adequate!

-Al Pilz
  Greenway Products


Your book is spectacular, Howard! The layout, the photos, the anecdotes and your life with trains kept me spellbound for hours. You put every other train book out there to shame. Even my wife ... found it very interesting to read. You have a home run with this one Howard. Congratulations!

A pumped up train fanatic,



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